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The Horses Know The Way Home (HKTWH) Community is the interactive place for all who seek inspiration to gather, connect and create together.  We offer a unique interactive and enlightened social gathering “hot-spot” where everyone is invited to find their way Home.  Come connect with us and share your thoughts on interesting topics with others from around the globe.  We’d love to hear from you!

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The Horses Know The Way Home Community offers you:

  • A Personal Profile and Photo Album where you can share the things that are important to you.
  • The opportunity to connect directly with Brian Reid, the HKTWH Team & Worldwide Experts:
    • Alisha Adrian (Transpersonal Counseling & Equine Therapy)
    • Carol Upton (Author & Book Reviewer)
    • Gloria Hester (Somatic Yoga instruction for horse & human)
    • Jerry Snoeks (Horse Behavior Specialist)
    •  Julie Lines (Animal Ambassador, Teacher & Author)
    • Kali Kiger (Author, Horsemanship Training)
    • Les Kiger (Artist, Author, Horsemanship Training)
    • Loesje Jacob (Animal Communications & Healing)
    • Mark Russell (Natural Dressage Training)
  • HKTWH Academy Support: Got tough questions?  We’d love to help!  We are there for you!
  • The Academy Forum: Discover the 13 HKTWH Principles that will “kick-start” you toward living a more connected and fulfilling life, with Brian Reid & other Academy members.
  • Blogs: be Inspired – Engage – And …Grow! Discuss an exciting variety of topics and share stories of inspiration!
  • HKTWH Forum: connect instantly with like-minded members to share with others your connection with horses, your dreams, and the things in life that matter most to you. Learn together and …. have fun!
    • Behind the Scenes Forums: dive into our exclusive area to catch our latest video content of interviews & events.
    • HKTWH Workshops: get access to HKTWH workshops from your Home and discuss your Thoughts and Feelings in our Forum. Get access to our HKTWH Workshop Albums, connect with other workshop attendees and join each other on your journey.
  • Community Calendar: stay on top of the latest events
  • Articles: discover inspiring book reviews, media content, Expert articles and other publications related to how horses inspire humans in life.
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Julie Lines, HKTWH Expert:
“Yes, join up – it is the most AMAZING community and with so many wonderful discussions taking place. It’s not just for horse people either – this is life stuff at its best!! Brian, Brenda Lee, Lucy, Red and Eddie are some the THE best teachers – showing us how we can live our lives to the fullest and for the highest good – having an incredible journey centered from the heart. What could be better? I am very honored and proud to be a part of the team. XXXXX”

Come Feel The Connection!

Laurie – May 2011 workshop

Right after the workshop, exhilarated, invigorated, inspired, rejuvenated, revitalized, refreshed, reassured, energized, encouraged, exhausted,  high, alive, glorious – connected to myself!

I feel that this workshop was a journey to connecting with myself by sharing and experiencing the connections between all the HKTWH family. I love that watching the animals made me see/understand my human relationships more clearly. We are who we are!

Laurie – May 2011

Wendy – May 2011 workshop

After the workshop, it was surreal. I felt calm, happy, thinking there was a lot to digest. Hopeful and motivated to work to-ward… for-ward my dreams and goals.

I would describe the workshop as emotional: thought-provoking, happy, sad.  It made me stop and take a long hard look at myself and how my actions relate or distance me from others. I found lots of room for improvement, but also found validation that some ways I have handled situations is OK.  It made me feel I am on the right path…

Your workshop is the most valuable workshop I have been to.  I re-read the e-booklet today and I have it on my desk at work. I will probably read it, at least in part, every day.

Wendy – May 2011 workshop


Yardley – May 2011 workshop

I think you do a wonderful job and was particularly touched by the loving spirit of Brenda Lee, Brian, Red and Eddie as well as each and every one else. You are a welcoming and lovely team. I am highly recommending your workshops.

Thank you so much for a truly memorable experience!

Yardley – May 2011

Sheila – June and October 2011 workshops

I really felt proud of myself for listening to my intuition and wanting to attend your clinic. I was feeling happy with guilt when I first arrived then during the clinic I experienced an ah-ha moment – I saw that it was OK for me to want and take time out for me and not feel guilty that I am not at home taking care of others and their issues.

HKTWH workshops takes the horses lifetstyle (living in the now) and explaining how individuals can incorporate the same concepts into our everyday life to focus on what is important at the time and not spend so much time worrying about something we have no control over.

This was my second clinic and I felt more comfortable listening to how I actually feel about my own thinking.

Shelia – October 2011

Agnes – May 2010 workshop

For the Saturday workshop I had no expectations. I showed up as I did, open as possible I can and the rest represented itself. Thus, I wish to thank You & Brenda providing the space and presence that allowed me to remember.
Now I know & feel in every cell in my body: when we come into the pure presence of ourselves there is vulnerability, authenticity and awareness with the vastness of the Universe and the connection to all That Is. In that special moment we touch a deeper part of ourselves that we may have forgotten. Brenda offered this place for me to connect home as a pure loving being, as I am always.

With Brenda I walked through the door of endless possibilities of my own power to recognize the magical and sacred loving being of who I am at that present moment. In the present moment the gift of choice was mine to remember & reconnect to the inner power that lies within me, and the opportunities presented itself as I embraced the endless connection to Heaven and Earth.

Thank you for creating such a beautiful community!

Many blessings & joy,