Move towards what matters to you today.

Dawn – September 2012 Workshop and Swim with Brenda Lee

The way I’ve been describing the workshop (to anyone who will listen!) is: “It’s an empowering, educational experience where you meet great people and learn about the principles of changing your thoughts and patterns in order to achieve everything you want in life.” Most of the people I’ve spoken to about the workshop know that I am very “into” what I have previously called “positive thinking” or the “Law of Attraction.” So I’ve talked about how you (Brian Reid) bring this in to a real world setting. Everyone seems to think it is just about “riding a horse.” I explain that is a fun, exciting, empowering real-life social experience.

Dawn – September 2012

Diane – June 2012 Workshop

I felt invigorated upon leaving the HKTWH workshop. I felt the connection and realized that I have what I need to take that next step forward in my life… I just have to go for it. The workshop was fun and enlightening. Everyone from the staff to the participants were easy-going and inspiring. It was nice to be with a group of like-minded individuals who truly listened, supported and encouraged one another. It was nice to attend with my husband… who also realized a few things. He keeps telling me, “you know… I learned something this weekend. Thanks for doing what you do best. I like the fact that Brian is living his dream; practicing what he preaches. To truly see the joy in his heart while at work just makes you smile and know that yes… dreams can come true.

I would describe the workshop as fun and uplifting by giving inspiration through the connection with the horse. Witnessing firsthand the personal growth of attendees while feeling personal growth within one-self while learning the HKTWH’s core principals is healthy food for the soul. The transformations from the beginning to the end of the workshop are amazing.

Thank you to all the HKTWH staff. We had a great time and we hope to see you all again soon.

-Diane, June 2012

Nancy – April 2012 Workshop, Ohio

Nancy FarberBIG.  That is the best word I can use to describe the workshop.  As a self improvement junkie who has bookshelves filled with books, tapes, and videos I usually find myself thinking “ya, I’ve heard that before” and get a little fidgety at a something like this (after all I was there mostly to see Brenda Lee again).  15 minutes into the meet and greet on Friday night I knew this was quite different than anything else I had ever attended.

Brian is BIG, Brenda is BIG, but most importantly every word that was spoken was BIG and evoked BIG feelings that I’m not sure I have ever felt before.  The questions Brian asked were different, and the ideas presented where like little gold nuggets.  No fluff, no fill, no selling you stuff, just questions and ideas that I have come to find can be life changing.  When I came home Sunday evening I felt like a different person was behind the wheel of my car.  If I could give my friends and loved ones just one gift it would be to attend a Horses Know the Way Home Workshop, it was that BIG!

Nancy Farber – April 2012, Ohio

Holistic Equitation – Workshop Host 2012 England

“People forget what you say and forget what you do but they never forget how you make them feel. As co-host of the first ever European HKTWH workshop I’ve just spent the last few days watching, listening and even participating in the teaching as Brian consistently helped people feel GOOD! Good about themselves, good about what’s possible and good about taking the actions to turn their dreams into reality.
Brian is one of the most vibrant and authentic people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, someone who really lives what he teaches and inspires others simply through being. Brian changes lives – he just can’t help it! I thoroughly recommend you meet him and his team too!”

Best wishes, Derek

Janet – October 2011 Workshop

Very excited to be there and very connected to everyone there. Blessed to have heard Brian’s message.

One of the most interesting things I’ve ever done in my life. A real learning experience! Grateful that I decided to go. And blessed that I was able to do it.

It was heaven to have the opportunity to make my dream come true.

Janet – October 2011

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Laurie – May 2011 workshop

Right after the workshop, exhilarated, invigorated, inspired, rejuvenated, revitalized, refreshed, reassured, energized, encouraged, exhausted,  high, alive, glorious – connected to myself!

I feel that this workshop was a journey to connecting with myself by sharing and experiencing the connections between all the HKTWH family. I love that watching the animals made me see/understand my human relationships more clearly. We are who we are!

Laurie – May 2011