Move towards what matters to you today.

Get off your butt …
Get back on your horse!

Release your Personal HorsePower and start moving away
from what no longer works, while moving towards
what truly matters to YOU today!


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Brian Reid is an internationally acclaimed life coach. Brian’s unique and effective approach to personal development was especially inspired by his relationship with Brenda Lee, an 1800 lb Shire horse he has spent the last 15 years working alongside. In seeking a connection and strong communication with Brenda Lee, Brian realized that he also had to first connect and accept himself. Through his discoveries with Brenda Lee, Brian founded “Horses Know The Way Home” and developed 13 principles that guide his teachings, as presented in the online HKTWH Academy. You can learn more about Brian, Brenda Lee and the Horses Know the Way Home Community online at and “like” us on Facebook or, follow us on Twitter.