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Why your To Do List isn’t getting it done!




“My day got away from me today”

“I spent the whole day putting out fires”

“I have soooo much to do today”

“I started the day with 6 things on my todo list, I got none of them done and now have 13 things to do.”

“I can’t wait till this day is over”

“I hate Mondays!”

“It’s hump day!”


The previous thoughts, saying and quotes I have uttered many times when the events and circumstances of “THE DAY” ran my life rather than served me.   All of them refer to the power of “THE DAY” to run our lives, rather than us creating our day.   As I was reading a recent productivity blog posting from AE, I read the following expert that brought me right back to the power of THE DAY serving me and thus becoming My Day or for Apple fans iDay.


“Because they aren’t organized, they have no choice to respond to what life throws at them. Because they don’t have a system and haven’t told their day what to do, their day tells them what to do instead.” – Mike Schmitz



Do you have a system to organize your day?

What are your rituals that help you “getting things done”?


Over the past 30 years I have used and tested many systems and I’d like to share my TOP 10  most successful practices with you! This checklist is of my favorite rituals, systems and software that I use with satisfying regularity that help me create my day, that help me tell my day what to do.

Download my TOP 10 Productivity Practices that give me the Personal HorsePower I need to create HKTWH, expand it to Release your Personal HP, run a successful remodeling business, work out five days per week and spend quality time with my all my animals while happily sharing this life with my wife, family and friends, by telling my days what I want them to do for me.


Start telling your day what to do today…by downloading this now.     I know that the thought of using new ways, getting familiar with supporting software and creating new patterns may seem like a lot. It was a lot to set it up initially but now it flows and delivers spectacular day after day where even the “Bad Days” are simple great days with the luster taken off.   So let me save you the time, trial and errors of looking for al these tools. I feel so much enthusiasm about the power of these tools that I want to give them to you.

Today, I tell my day what to do.

Well it is more like an asking, a creating, an allowing of possibilities that work for me while I work my way through my day.   I hope this helps any of you to tell/ask your day to perform for you in ways that serve you.   Now that your day is serving you, it has one question for you…..What would you like me todo for YOU!


What do you want?


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Brian Reid