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It’s the Connection that Matters

Black and White, Big and Small, Alpha Mare and Young Male, Dark and Light, Positive and Negative, Yin and Yan; in all things it’s the Connection – not the things – that matter.
1/. How do you connect with a desire?
Your desires will never stop talking to you. They will always seek expression. They want to come to life, they want to live.

2/. How do you connect with your intentions?
Just like your desires they are always calling you home, tugging at your heart strings with whispered intentions.

3/. How do you answer the call of your inspired hopes and dreams and realize them?
The answer to all three questions is you feel the connection to them, you sense their presence and fuel the flames of your appreciation and gratitude about them and this way they will manifest in your life.
So many times we get blinded by the “things” and we forget that they are but the expression of a desire that preceded them.

When we realize that our desires, our intentions, our feeling infused focus is the fuel of creation, then we realize that it is in the connections and relationships to those things that matter matters.
Photos like the one above happen because I feel the connection between Brenda Lee, Kylian, Katleen and myself as well as the snow covered forest. It is in feeling this connection that love flows and scenes like this become the matter of my life.

How do you desire?
How do you intend?
How do you matter?

Feel the Connection
Brian Reid