Move towards what matters to you today.

We All Need a Kick Start Sometimes

The only constant is change. It is the nature of nature to expand, express, renew, and begin again .

The opportunity of life lies in the transition, the gap!


When we can interrupt the previous patterns of our lives that no longer serve our expansion, we can create a gap where life can begin again.


The amazing thing about patterns, habits and rituals is their sticking power. Once a pattern has been set, it has amazing staying power until it is interrupted and a new pattern put in it’s place.
Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.
- Isaac Newton
We can witness the amazing power of patterns in the simplest of habits. Have you ever moved your waste basket at work or in your house only to find yourself going back to the old location for days, weeks, months and many times years later finding yourself going back to the old habitual location.

  1. We can all use this patterning power of nature to our benefit by first “Wanting Something Different”.
  2. Next we need to break the old patterns of behavior.
  3. Third we need to insert the new pattern
  4. And finally we need to constantly recognize patterns and validate the ones that serve us.
In all these acts we need to be AWAKE to see what is going on.
We need to be PRESENT to our life situation.


AND we need a Kick Start to Freedom to break us free of the gravitational pull of the previous pattern.
All throughout nature there are examples of beautiful transitions the create new life giving patterns.


Birth is one of the most obvious.



There needs to be both a “pushing” and “letting go” at the same time.


Always the focus is on the OUTcome. To make it through to the other side.
Never is quitting an option.
There is pain and discomfort while focusing on the joyous creation.
And then there is a kick, a slap, and outside force acting upon the situation to change it, to aid the awakening.


This is life.


This is living.


What are you awakening to?
What kickstart do you need to awaken to your next?


Embrace the force that moves you toward what matters while breaking you free of what no longer feeds your hopes, dreams and desires.


Feel The Connection,
Brian Reid