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Three Steps to Win the Race of Life.

Winning the Race of Life, Right Now!

Ready, Set, Go!









Simple as 1-2-3… really!

What if winning at life could be as simple as 1-2-3, Ready… Set… GO!

Well, it can be and I’ve found that it is easier than I thought.

Every time my life is going the way I want it to, I find myself following three simple actions, three simple ways of being and I’m always satisfied with the results these principles produce.

No more fighting to get other people and events in my life in line to satisfy me.
No more going against the grain, only to feel as if I’ve accomplished something of value.
No more nose against the grindstone, just to feel discomfort so I feel satisfied.

A new way of being that was always present every time life aligns for me, naturally.

So do you want to race? Great! Let’s go…

1. GET READY… Let your heart be the master.

If we are going to race we will want to know where the finish line is, and why we are racing.
Let your heart set these goals for you.
Let your heart answer the “Why of Life“.
Allow your heartfelt desires, wants and wishes and the expression and expansion of them be your reason for getting on the line, for showing up.
Let the force of your heart be the energy that propels you toward your goal.
Don’t worry about your head, the heart is an excellent master and will always include the head in all decisions.

2. GET SET… Find your balance.

You have heard it many times before, all things in balance.
So there is a state to launch from, to push off from, in any direction, because all energies are ready for you and available for you.
You have heard of this before in many forms, Yin/Yan, Black/White, Positive/Negative.
It is the balancing of these forces in a circular motion that allows their force to be available, to move you in the direction of your focus, and hopefully that focus is through the eyes of your heart.

3. Go… Go and follow the path of least resistance.

When you are following your heart in a balanced way then the path of least resistance will be the one that will be true.
Look for the “Yes” and move away from the “No”.
Feel for the “Yes” in life and when you feel its joy, give gratitude for its reception which will bring you right back to your NEXT, your heart’s desire.

Simple as 1-2-3, Ready… Set… Go, or

Yes, Thank you , Next.

Yes… to receiving what you wanted!
Thank You… to the force that delivered it!
Next… toward your new desire from a new perspective!

You Win!!!


Feel the Connection

Brian Reid


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Create a solid foundation from where you can fully release your Personal HorsePower and make that move toward what matters! 




Forget Forgiveness, Kindness Kicks Ass.

Kindness Matters



Forget forgiveness as the primary means to moving beyond a troubling situation.


Before I begin, I want to make clear that I think that forgiveness is a powerful tool to help us let go of real and perceived past grievances of others toward us, us toward others and us toward ourselves.


Also let me be clear that I use the power of forgiveness daily to clear space in my life and heart.


Forgiveness does have some drawbacks that I experience when using it as the ONLY way of moving beyond what is and toward what matters.


While I’m in the process of forgiving, I tend to get hung up on three sticky points:


1. While I’m forgiving, I can easily lean toward self righteousness, as I perceive myself as the victim and the other as the oppressor.

2. While forgiving, my focus is on what happened, not what I want to happen.

3. While forgiving, I first realize that I have been blaming for too long which feels like shit and that is not the space I want to forgive from.


Forgiveness by itself is tough to get and keep going.


There is another big brother or sister to forgiveness that can really help get things moving in a better feeling direction.


“Kick Ass Kindness” has taken me and my forgiveness to another space of freedom and empowerment.


The reason I say Kick Ass Kindness, especially when forgiving myself, is because I usually have resistance to what is best for me initially. It takes a loving kind act to take myself by the hand or by the hair kicking and screaming toward what matters most.


Sort of like sending me out to my first summer camp, baseball tryouts or even bodysurfing in the waves. At first I offered resistance and a wall of self consciousness. It always took the encouraging loving words of someone who cares, followed by a kick in the ass that was just enough of the push I needed to get me going.

“Only Kindness Matters”

Pause for a moment and read the lyrics from the Song “Hands” by Jewel





If I could tell the world just one thing

It would be that we’re all OK

And not to worry ’cause worry is wasteful

And useless in times like these

I won’t be made useless

I won’t be idle with despair

I will gather myself around my faith

For light does the darkness most fear

My hands are small, I know

But they’re not yours, they are my own

But they’re not yours, they are my own

And I am never broken

Poverty stole your golden shoes

It didn’t steal your laughter

And heartache came to visit me

But I knew it wasn’t ever after

We’ll fight, not out of spite

For someone must stand up for what’s right

‘Cause where there’s a man who has no voice

There ours shall go singing

My hands are small I know

But they’re not yours, they are my own

But they’re not yours, they are my own

I am never broken

In the end only kindness matters

In the end only kindness matters

I will get down on my knees, and I will pray

I will get down on my knees, and I will pray

I will get down on my knees, and I will pray

My hands are small I know

But they’re not yours, they are my own

But they’re not yours, they are my own

And I am never broken

My hands are small I know

But they’re not yours, they are my own

But they’re not yours, they are my own

And I am never broken

We are never broken

We are God’s eyes

God’s hands

God’s mind

We are God’s eyes

God’s hands

God’s heart

We are God’s eyes

God’s hands

God’s eyes

We are God’s hands

We are God’s hands



So it is with our hearts, minds, eyes and hands that we can offer ourselves the kindness that the act of kindness offers to the giver and the receiver.


And in the act of kindness, forgiveness is For Giving.


Today I was listening to the 2014 Hay House World Summit’s interview with Michael J Chase.


I heard Michael say that Kindness is Love and Action.


Where there is love, forgiveness has taken place and where there is love and kindness there is someone creating a new experience.


This is where I want to go.


Yes, I want to be forgiving.

More, I want what I want to forgive to be better than before forgiveness was needed.


On Michael’s site  you see “Kindness Matters” on the shirts.


At Release Your Inner HorsePower I’m always focused on moving others toward what matters, as they cling to old patterns that no longer serve.


This is where Kick Ass Kindness many times is the most loving, forgiving act I can do for myself or another.


Kindness is Love in Action and I want to move toward what matters!

Do you?


Feel the Connection


Take your turn

Make your move

Create that change






Put the Cart Before the Horse


Go ahead, Put the Cart Before the Horse!!!

I remember reading a quote from Ray Hunt (A true horseman) written on an old barn wall in upstate New York owned by Spencer LaFlure, a horseman first class, horse dentist, and true friend. The quote went something like this:

“Know what happens before what happens and you will know what really happened”- Ray Hunt

I was brought back to this quote and the creation of the title of our movement to date, “Horses Know The Way Home – Feel the Connection” that was arrived at through much soul searching, time with Brenda Lee and in depth conversations with Jonathan Field, Mark Russell, and many others.

Home being, right here, right now!

Home being, the place where true creation takes place and a place that horses can take us to.

Home being, the space and time where we live or where living takes place.

But what if there we more to it than that. What if there was a place beyond time and space where all creation takes place?

The place where “What happens before what happens”, takes place.

Today as I was listening to track two of the 2014 Hay House World Summit, I heard Amit Goswami describe such a place as real. Even more real than reality, actually the place where realities are created.

Amit Goswami has a Ph.D. in theoretical quantum physics. He has authored the following books:

In other words, he has dedicated his life to the study of “Things” and where they come from.

 Amit Goswami, Ph.D. has proposed a theory of consciousness, rather than atoms, as the fundamental reality of the material world.

In this interview he defines consciousness as “Being With”

He suggests that it is in that place when we are with an idea before it has manifested and is the space where creation takes place.

Or the ultimate place where what happens before what happens happens.

In other words, creation needs our “Withness” in order to be complete.

Let me tell you one of the first times I felt this to the core of my being.

I was taking a riding lesson on Brenda Lee from a truly gifted artist of a teacher, she could paint a picture with her words that would allow my body to slip into the perfect position without my “Knowing”.  She had learned from a protege of Sally Swift.

One day as she described my body as an ocean buoy that moved up and down on the waves of the ocean and in this case Brenda Lee was the ocean. She went on to say that the center buckle that the chains of the buoy were attached to was 8” below Brenda Lee’s spine.

As I imagine myself as a buoy, flowing, allowing and connected to the Oceans forces, she went on to explain that the portal or port hole that all communication between myself and Brenda Lee would go through was the area between my pubic and coccyx bones. (Speak though my butt).

I liked this because it helped me to relax and keep that portal open and soft as opposed to tight and restricted.

And so I did…

As I rode with this I felt a complete sense of oneness experienced as a lack of resistence.

I could sense myself and then IT happened.

I could sense that Brenda Lee was sensing back.

It was at this moment that she quoted her mentor.

“When we look in to the abyss, we notice the abyss is looking back.”

I was with Brenda Lee’s consciousness and she with mine but there was something more.

She was connected to that which connects us all and she was introducing me to IT, (IT = Inner Truth) though my senses.

She was bringing me home to the place where IT happens before IT happens.

I fell to her neck and sobbed like a baby.

Call it love

Call it oneness

Call it infinite light

My need or desire to call it, or name it, stayed clear so as not to insult IT.


Brenda Lee brought me “Home”

She allowed me to “Feel The Connection”

She let me sense the wisdom of “Being With” , with every cell of my body and beyond, with my consciousness itself.

The rest is making sense of what first must be sensed.

And today leaders of science like Amit Goswami are discovering what Ray Hunt, Brenda Lee and nature, know of its own nature.

That we are all connected.

And when we connect with that we are where what happens, happens and we can truly begin to be Creative Beings and create the world we wish to live in.

So go ahead put the cart before the horse and sense the life you want before it seems real, before you believe or not.

Put your hopes, dreams and desires on your cart and witness the perfect horse show up to take it where you want to go.


Feel the connection,

Release your Inner Horse Power


Start Your 14 Day Challenge

Start Your 14 Day Challenge


Why your To Do List isn’t getting it done!




“My day got away from me today”

“I spent the whole day putting out fires”

“I have soooo much to do today”

“I started the day with 6 things on my todo list, I got none of them done and now have 13 things to do.”

“I can’t wait till this day is over”

“I hate Mondays!”

“It’s hump day!”


The previous thoughts, saying and quotes I have uttered many times when the events and circumstances of “THE DAY” ran my life rather than served me.   All of them refer to the power of “THE DAY” to run our lives, rather than us creating our day.   As I was reading a recent productivity blog posting from AE, I read the following expert that brought me right back to the power of THE DAY serving me and thus becoming My Day or for Apple fans iDay.


“Because they aren’t organized, they have no choice to respond to what life throws at them. Because they don’t have a system and haven’t told their day what to do, their day tells them what to do instead.” – Mike Schmitz



Do you have a system to organize your day?

What are your rituals that help you “getting things done”?


Over the past 30 years I have used and tested many systems and I’d like to share my TOP 10  most successful practices with you! This checklist is of my favorite rituals, systems and software that I use with satisfying regularity that help me create my day, that help me tell my day what to do.

Download my TOP 10 Productivity Practices that give me the Personal HorsePower I need to create HKTWH, expand it to Release your Personal HP, run a successful remodeling business, work out five days per week and spend quality time with my all my animals while happily sharing this life with my wife, family and friends, by telling my days what I want them to do for me.


Start telling your day what to do today…by downloading this now.     I know that the thought of using new ways, getting familiar with supporting software and creating new patterns may seem like a lot. It was a lot to set it up initially but now it flows and delivers spectacular day after day where even the “Bad Days” are simple great days with the luster taken off.   So let me save you the time, trial and errors of looking for al these tools. I feel so much enthusiasm about the power of these tools that I want to give them to you.

Today, I tell my day what to do.

Well it is more like an asking, a creating, an allowing of possibilities that work for me while I work my way through my day.   I hope this helps any of you to tell/ask your day to perform for you in ways that serve you.   Now that your day is serving you, it has one question for you…..What would you like me todo for YOU!


What do you want?


Feel the Connection

Brian Reid

How to Change Your State at Will

We all have those days that nothing seems to go right. We wonder what’s wrong with us, why this is all happening and before we know it, things are weighing us down. We feel overwhelmed, we feel discouraged, we feel like a failure. And sometimes, we are so caught up in our own vicious cycle that we have to see the reality of it through the eyes of others. If we see it …
I’ve been there, many times and for long periods of time as well.
Even in my first years as a succesful entrepreneur, it took time to come to the conclusions that keep me in the flow these days.
Now I want to share with you what I learned – through trial and error, failure and success – until I could create the current and consistent habit that easily moves me away from the state I don’t like to be in and towards the one that I do like. And sometimes the state I’d like to be in is too far away from the one I’m trying to leave, so I choose a state that simply … feels better.
Before I share with you how I do this, let me first remind you of the key element that will set you up for a successful state change:

Become aware of the state you are in, right now.


Try it now, with me. Take a deep breath and scan your body for tension, relaxation, discomfort, comfort, recurring thoughts, how you are breathing, … Sense it and describe it as best you can.

Click here to download my 6 P’s to move you toward your desired State of Being.


I use these 6 P’s daily! Really! AND I use them to anticipate, to empower me and to help engage my Inner HorsePower. The place where I do this most is in the gym: right before a set that will challenge me to go beyond what I know. I fully feel for the first 5 P’s and release all I have with a loud “POP”! And it is mind-blowing time after time to catch myself in the act of doing my next set and feel my full potential flow.

Yes! Thank You! Next?

Now it’s up to you. Go for it. Download the 6 P’s cheat sheet and start practicing.

I’m curious to read about how this works for you, when and where you apply the 6P’s and how it impacts your daily life.

Share it in the comments below!

Feel the Connection,

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Gallop to Freedom

Gallop to freedom.

Come, gallop with me.
Gallop with me and feel the “Horsepower” of your dreams as they lift you up.
Up over the crushing defeat of complacency.
Up over the withered wishes.
Up over the feelings of “less than”.
Together we gallop and soar!

Soar! Toward a loves’ desire to be free.
Soar! Toward a song that yearns to be heard.
Soar! Toward a human heart that wants to be seen by the eyes that it connects with.
Soar! Toward the ears that ache to hear the words,”I see you” from your lips.

This is where we are travelling together.
Come, fly with me.
Come gallop to freedom.

Gallop to Freedom

Gallop to Freedom

There is a yearning behind the eyes of one who loves you. There is a being that longs to whisper into your ear, “You are enough.” There is someone who will not listen to the “stories” of your life’s drama, who refuses to be fooled by the masks you constantly hide behind: Anger and Self-Doubt. You may think that your true self is discreetly tucked away, that you have successfully held away the world for another day, that you remain unseen. But you are mistaken.

There is one day in particular that stands out to me as the day I finally broke through my own glass ceiling. On this beautiful day of flight, I felt a distinct yearning and connection with an 1800lb Shire mare, known as Brenda Lee. She is my jogging partner, my friend, and the one who knows me best, who knows me as I am – raw and unguarded. And it was on this day that she also became my vessel of flight.

***word of warning***

I do not recommend this to anyone (especially professionals!) I only ask that you ask,“What would you do in order to feel Love’s presence carry you Galloping to Freedom?”

On this day, Brenda Lee and I meandered down to the edge of a stream by a field, as we had done almost every day for the last two years. We walked and jogged three to five miles together (Brenda Lee on a lead, myself on foot) on a path that led us into the woods and to a beautiful brook on the edge of a glen.

We came across four friends on horseback who (jokingly) invited us to join them. I accepted the offer, realizing that they had no idea how long and fast Brenda Lee and I could run together. I knew we would have no trouble keeping pace along the wooded trails, even though I was on foot and they were mounted.

Off we went together, the ten of us; five humans and five equines. We all kept pace together with Brenda Lee and I bringing up the rear. You see, Brenda Lee is quite the protective “Alpha” mare personality and does best in groups with a generous space bubble.

As the trail ended, it led us to a thirty acre field surrounded by (typical) old stone walls. The other four riders exchanged glances and turned to me to say they were parting ways, as they planned to race across the open field.

Brenda Lee and I watched as in one moment all four horses rocked back onto their hocks like a coiled spring and in one thunderous whoosh the riders softened the reins, allowing the horses to spring forward in unison. The ground shook with a vibration that carried itself straight into my chest. Time seemed to stand still as Brenda Lee and I stood anchored in the ground, following the group as they shrank into the distant horizon, finally disappearing behind the 200 year old stone wall.

I drew a breath. Only then was the moment of suspense broken and Brenda Lee started snorting, hopping and jumping around on the end of her lead like a “Shire Rabbit”.

God, I always wanted to be able to do what they had just done.
In the midst of the equine thunder something had let go inside of me – perhaps it was reason? Reason be-damned, my emotional horsepower was released.

What I did next would change my life forever – in every way.
I climbed atop an old log and with Brenda Lee looking more and more like a fire breathing dragon, I jumped on board.

Gallop to Freedom

Gallop to Freedom

As I landed on her back she rocked back onto her hind end and exploded into the gallop that would set me free. We shot forward together and I became aware that I had just surrendered all of myself to her.

Brenda Lee accelerated with each stride, twisting, turning and throwing her head trying to get me to release my grip and just “Be” with her. I realized that all of my fear, doubt and feelings of “less than” were contained in that vice grip. In clutching, I was bringing them along with me as well as all of my excitement, passion, desires and feelings of “Yes than”.

I immediately picked up the lead rope to realize that all 12 feet were hanging off to one side and, of course, I had not put on the bareback pad with that little leather handle to hold onto. As I settled into this reality, Brenda Lee had straightened out as was coming up to full speed. It was too late to bail so I assumed the “Pony Express” position of the American cowboy galloping across the West.

I assumed this posture quite well, even muttering,”duh-dump, duh-dump, duh-dump, duh-dump”. I noticed Brenda Lee’s head up high in rhythm with my “duh-dumps”. For a brief stride I was proud as a peacock, only to have this feeling washed away by the thought,“I do not know what I am doing!!!”

It was at this moment that the words of my friend and Natural Dressage teacher came into my mind and spilled (thank God!) down into my body:
“Surrender. Open your hips and surrender. Let go and surrender what is inside of you to the power of the horse below you, and she will carry you to lands unknown.”



Gallop to Freedom

Because I had no better alternative, and because I’d had the realization that this was going to end with broken bones – mine or even worse – Brenda Lee’s – I let go.

I opened my hips, released my grasp and surrendered all of myself to Brenda Lee, who now felt solid and steady and rhythmic underneath me, witnessing my awareness.

What happened next was the most spiritual experience of my life.
I opened my hips – breathed and surrendered – and together, we disappeared.

Brenda Lee’s head dropped out of sight, lowering to the ground as she accelerated into an even faster speed. (This was related to me by the other riders, as they had now turned to watch us from the top of the field.)

I experienced “No Brian” and “No Brenda Lee”.
There was only just “pure awareness” floating across the field in complete loving silence.

What I felt can be described as,“Everything and Nothing” coexisting at the same time.

It was only for a few seconds – but it felt like forever.

As we reached the top, Brenda Lee transitioned to a high energy trot, a walk and, finally a stop where I fell to the ground, crying like a baby.

Over the next few months I would go to this place daily to hop on Brenda Lee and “Gallop to Freedom”. Brenda Lee would carry me to heaven, a journey we took together, where I finally felt “Enough”.

Brenda Lee showed me the place where all of my fears and doubts coexisted with my passions and desires. She showed me that this was possible, and it was all okay.

I was free!
Free to “Be”, and that began my conscious awareness of my responsibility to free myself, to become what my heart is calling me toward.

That was the beginning of my coming Home.

How about you?

Will you let your “Truth” set you free?
Will you give yourself permission to engage your “Personal Horsepower”?
Breathe – open your hips – surrender yourself and gallop toward freedom!

Gallop to that space where all is accepted “As Is”.
Move with all of yourself, toward your “As If: Imagined Feelings”.

Listen closely. Give yourself permission to feel “Enough”.
Can you hear the whisper?
“You Are Enough!”

You have enough Horsepower within you – Hop on and get ready to Gallop and Soar!
Gallop to Freedom.

Feel the Connection,
Brian Reid

Get Brian’s and Brenda Lee’s help to move you, make that change and ultimately gallop to freedom within a timeframe beyond your imagination.

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Engage Your HP to Set You Free.

Are you stuck, blocked, frustrated, confused, tired, or just plain out of gas?

Before you do another thing, or think another thought, read this article.
If you want to “get going”, “make your move”, or simply, “make that change”, I want you to first answer one question.

How much HP do you have?

What is your “HP” you ask?
It is not your HorsePower, though this HP will definitely give you some.

Horse Power by definition is the energy needed to move a certain amount of matter of a certain distance over a certain time.

OR the energy needed to get from where you are to where you want to be in a timeframe that matters,

OR the energy needed to move what matters to you or you toward what matters in a timeframe that works for you.

Horse Power is the energy to Move Towards….anything your heart desires… but one thing must come first.


Brenda Lee, Eddie and Lucy fully releasing their inner HP Toward…

There is an axiom that I heard quoted from Ray Hunt ( an old school natural horse man, before the words natural and horse man were put together), that goes like this:

“If you want to know what truly happened, (in any situation or event), notice what happened before what happened, happened and you will know what truly happened.”

In other words, it is the energy that precedes each event that creates each event.

And it is here that I want you to use your HP.

I want to you to think, really think, break out a paper and pencil and engage your mind and your heart and your intuition, and create the energy that will precede you next, your towards.

I want you to give yourself permission to use your HP first and foremost before you do anything else.

I want you to HOPE.

I want you to give yourself permission to hope first, hope during and hope more when you’re done.

I want you to be full of hope.

I want you to engage your HP - Hope Power- and wish for nexts that are not limited by previouses.

Let your hope fill your chest with loving hopeful expansion and feel the truth of Superman’s S on his chest.

In the latest Superman movie, while Lois Lane is interrogating Superman she asks what the “S” stands for.

Superman says : What S?
Lois: The S on your chest
Superman: This is not an “S”, on the planet Krypton, this is the symbol for HOPE

Because what made superman super is that he hoped against hope. When all hope was lost Superman still had hope, still gave us hope.

Find your Superman, superwoman, superperson inside you.



Find you HP, nurture your HP, harness your HP and then for Gods sake and the sake of you and all you know, Release your HP and be Hopeful and fill your next with hope first, look toward with hope first.

Then think, plan and act toward with HP and watch yourself break free, break through, break out of the horseshit that you have been letting keep you from moving toward what matters

Harness your HP *Hope Power*, release your HP *HorsePower* and start moving toward what matters, over a distance, and a time frame, not bound by your past.

Set yourself free

Feel the Connection
Brian Reid


Connect with YOUR Inner HorsePower and learn to engage and release IT* Toward what matters. 

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*IT = your Inner Truth


How is Your Withness?

Have you ever been driving with a friend, spouse or partner, having an in depth conversation and you suddenly notice they have left? They have left the conversation and you are now all alone, as they are off processing, having a conversation by themselves that you are not part of. Or maybe you were the one who left.


One minute they were with you, tracking right along with the conversation, connected to the cocreation of your shared exchange and next thing you know the connection has been cut off and they are no longer present together with you AND their thoughts. They are now, singularly, conversing with the thoughts in their mind and they have given you no ‘heads up” that they would be right back, or maybe not. Or maybe you have the habit of doing this.


Now, have you ever been with someone who is connected and engaged with you in the exploration of mutually interesting conversation and they pause to say, “Hold on one minute, let me think about that”. They notify you that they are with you, while they go deeper in thought to add something to the connection.


In the latter example they go “within” to add to the connection and co creation of your relationship.


In the first example they disconnect, “without” acknowledgement, permission, or consideration and you are left wondering when they will come back and will they bring anything back that will add to your shared time together.


In the second situation, you wait with connected anticipation to see where their added value will take the conversation.


In both scenarios it is the connection that matters or the “Withness”.

Playtime March 21 2014 016-1-HKTWH

Whether that withness is with another or ourselves, we can only feel its power when we witness our withness or not.


I recently witnessed the natural power of “Withness” in one of its most true, intimate and spectacularly obvious natural forms, when I took a coaching client for a walk with Kylian and Brenda Lee and Lucy.


Brenda Lee was on a 12’ lead line and Kylian was allowed to roam free. What became immediately obvious was the palpable connection between Brenda Lee and Kylian. Wherever Kylian went he was “with” Brenda Lee. If he was in front, he was looking back at her, maintaining the connection, if he was off to the side or behind her he was constantly measuring his connection with Brenda Lee and us as his herd, while having fun expressing himself in playful frolicking.



Brenda Lee was aware not only of her connection with Kylian, Lucy, and us, she was also very aware of our connection with ourselves. When we were “with” she was “with”. When we went within and left the herd, lost in thought, she would immediately let us know the way a 1750 lb alpha mare Shire lets you know. At first she would lay flat one ear, then project her head, then swish her tail, and if we did not reconnect with ourselves and the herd immediately, you would feel a wave of energy that preceded her actual physical reminder to wake up and get “With IT”. With IT being the inner truth of where we were or were not. Were we truly present with our thoughts included, or were we disconnected lost in our thoughts.


To Brenda Lee this was a non negotiable state. You were either with us or you were not and if not she would give you ample reminders before she forced an awakening. I’ll leave it to your imagination how Brenda Lee wakes someone up who is no longer with her. She is very adept at bringing your “within”, out.


At one juncture Kylian actually left Brenda Lee as he playfully chased Lucy. Only during this frolick he became so focused on Lucy that he left Brenda Lee and from 50 ft away Brenda Lee let him know that was not acceptable and he had to ask his way back “With her”



In the end all of our connections with ourselves and each other were so strong that we ran up and down the sand piles bumping off each others bodies like best friends using each others body as leaning posts like we all did as children and sometimes are lucky enough to do as adults.


This time though our friends were 1710 and 990 lbs and 6 lbs and they were directed by mother nature herself.


This withness was naturally beautiful and required no need to make sense of it only sense it for its wisdom to change us forever.

Thinking about our experience the other day – there are many times in life that you be with other people or animals but you are not “with” them in that moment.  Seeing how Kylian would run “free” but alway be with us was amazing.  Kylian was having fun while staying with us (especially Brenda) in the moment – continuously looking back while seeing ahead.  I realized that many times I am physically with somebody but I am not “with” them.  Withness is a grounding and a presence that I will continue to present with and foster. - coaching client and witness of the Withness.

Thank you Brenda Lee, Kylian and Lucy.


Feel the Connection,

Brian Reid


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The Great Eastern Sun

Guest Blog by Judy McClain


The day broke cold and windy.  We huddled in the truck as we drove to the beach.  Unloading the horses, we were all cast in silhouette against the breaking-day sky.  The moon was setting in the west.  In between the moon and the lightening sky over the ocean, a cascade of stars blanketed the sky.  i usually get out the door earliest by 6:30; here we were standing in the sand already, headed for the sunrise.

Cynthia’s birthday: an ordinary day.

Walk on Beach - Birthday Cynthia 019-1-HKTWH

From the beginning, i was not surprised.  Cynthia had chosen me as one of five special beings in her life.  Ten years ago i would have reacted: surprise, glee, “Who, me?”  But the invitation summoned in me only gratitude and a big yes, of course.  Of course i would join the sunrise-with-horses-on-the-beach party.  Of course i would sit with my friends in the truck.  Of course we would walk from dawn through sunrise and back again with the waves of the Atlantic pulsing, welcoming Cynthia into the second half of her life, her second birth in this lifetime. We would all be present for her rebirth.

Of course.


Most of us have experienced a sunrise or two in our lives.  Some of us make a ritual of rising with the sun.  For me, sunrise takes a little more effort.  Plus, if you blink, you might miss the moment when colors coagulate into form – the peek of the sun itself.  We made our way over the dune to East Beach and just started walking.  We didn’t need to say much.  It felt ordinary, because we are all relaxed with each other, the horses included.  No unnecessary chatter or giggles or moodiness.  We were five friends with two equine companions simply walking into an ever-graphic sky.
 And how beautiful and magical the moment when darkness began to organize itself into color; and then color began to organize itself into shape.  i was tempted to photograph the appearance of the sun itself but then didn’t.  I wanted to feel the moment in my body, to feel the gift of the sun on my face, to watch Cynthia and Brenda Lee together materialize with the light, to move from silhouette to vivid detail.

Walk on Beach - Birthday Cynthia 166-1-HKTWH

The horses were untethered for most of the walk; we were connected and trusted that we would stay together as a team.  And we did.  Our party stretched several hundred yards at times, and yet we remained connected.  I felt Maisie leaning down for her shells; i felt Katleen behind me with the camera; i felt Cynthia riding Brenda Lee way ahead; and when Kylian dropped and rolled in the sand like a puppy, i felt his pure and ordinary joy.  And giant Brian, the magician who had orchestrated this party: i felt him floating along the edge of the receding waves as he simply allowed his vision to manifest.

Walk on Beach - Birthday Cynthia 179-1-HKTWH

My father asked me, “Have you ever occupied the space between dawn and sunrise?”  
He meant this figuratively, i believe.  i have thought a lot about his question in the months since he’s been gone (but not gone, too).  My father was articulating the vividness i found that morning watching my friend in the sun.  To lead a vivid life is to live an extraordinary life.  A life of heightened awareness – strong sensory perception, intuition, connectedness with others – is an extraordinary life.  And yet…..  And yet living in this way, where all of life becomes magical, is perfectly ordinary.  
If we relegate a life of feeling and heightened awareness to something we call extraordinary, it may remain outside our reach.  We may believe that it exists beyond the present moment, accessible only to people who we feel to be more beautiful, more wealthy, more fortunate than we believe ourselves to be.  What a shame that would be.

There is nothing more natural or accessible than happiness and joy; a mindful life is right now, waiting for us to wake up to it.

In walking the beach toward Cynthia’s rebirth, I was reminded that in Buddhist tradition, we choose to live with a joyful, natural approach to life, called the Great Eastern Rising Sun.

Walk on Beach - Birthday Cynthia 268-1QUOTE-HKTWH

As we led the horses off the beach, we saw a man in a wet suit diving again and again in the shallow waves.  He held a camera; he was photographing the curl of the wave from underwater. He had seen us but would not be drawn away from his work. He felt no need to wave, to speak, or to stare.

We were all experiencing, feeling the morning together.

Perfectly natural, perfectly ordinary.

Of course.


Judy McClain


What Do Your Cheeks have to do With Your Happiness?

Walking down winding wooded paths inspires thoughts of relaxation, peace, appreciation and a connection with our planet’s natural beauty.

Sharing this experience with friends can deepen your connection together, creating the perfect afternoon.


But, what if you are not connected to yourself first?

What if you are not “At Home” with yourself?

What if, as you go on your walk, you are tense, up-tight, upset, wound a little too tight, or, to be anatomically correct, you are a tight-ass? As uncomfortable as it may sound, these words are accurate descriptions of your state and where you can hold or block energy in your body.

In order to enjoy a scenic hike together with your friends, it helps to be able to relax, let go, chill out and release your tension. This will allow you to be present and in the moment with yourself, with others and with Mother Nature.

It was during such a walk thru the woods with Brenda Lee and little Lucy (the 5 lb Yorkie), that I discovered a fun (and funny) way to release tension and increase our connection to one another.



Lucy, Brenda Lee and I were quietly meandering down a wooded path together. Brenda Lee prefers to walk just ahead of me, and I could see her periodically checking back toward me with one soft eye, a flick of one ear, and then the other. She and Lucy always had me within their sight. Every time I would glance up from the trail to Brenda Lee, she was there, softly gazing back at me. I could see little Lucy’s fluffy ears pivot as she’d tip her head to the side, spotting me in her peripheral vision. I found myself returning the smile back to them both, comforted and happy to be alongside such beautiful animals in such a naturally exquisite setting.

When I smiled, I could feel a distinct and pleasant difference as my face and jaw would relax. But I noticed that although the smiling helped to relax tension in my jaw, my lower body and stomach still remained tense. I decided to let my smile drift downward and through my body until I could feel the tension my body held, slowly dissipate. When it finally did, I felt a release in my butt cheeks.



Brenda Lee and Lucy



I did not realize how uptight I had been until I felt this release. I was a being “tight-ass”. And releasing that tension felt good! I felt an increased sense of calm, and, most surprisingly, I felt more at ease with myself and my ability to simply walk. I repeated this smiling exercise, as Brenda Lee, Lucy, and I, continued our walk together. First, I would smile “upstairs” and then smile “downstairs”, releasing down through my abdomen and taking relaxed, deep breaths. As I glanced over to Brenda Lee and Lucy, I let them sense my new-felt connectedness as I felt it flow through my entire body. And each time as I would look across the path to them, they would already be there, eyes and ears focused back toward me, ready to receive my gaze.

They were already there. They were already connected to me, and they were waiting for me to catch up to them! So quick and effortless was their connection to me and to one another, that they had realized I was connecting to them before I could recognize it myself. This was great! I felt such a warm reception of trust and love from both Lucy and Brenda Lee – I felt like every pore in my body was smiling!

I was “smiling with all four cheeks”.


Together, we continued onward down the trail

As we headed up a hill, I realized that as much as this may have been an epiphany for me, this deeper level of connection was natural for both Brenda Lee and Lucy. They seemed to sense my new found relaxation and whole body awareness before I had even put it to contemplation. I could feel my connection to myself, and, I could really feel my new, stronger connection to Brenda Lee. I felt so confident in this new-found connection that I decided to remove the lead rope I had been using to walk with her and try out our new “invisible lead line” of connection. I was used to doing this with Lucy. I would now have to depend upon my new relaxed inner joy radiating outward to Brenda Lee to become the only means of keeping her with me.

Was I crazy?

With our invisible connection to one another, we headed onward, exploring the trails.

As we continued through the woods together, Brenda Lee would get a bit ahead of me and then circle backward and around, heading back toward the barn, where a delicious green pasture awaited her. As she turned to depart away from me, I relaxed and “smiled” my butt cheeks, allowing the joyous release to rise up through my body – all the way to my face. I was grinning like the Cheshire cat. I was “smiling with all four cheeks” and an open heart. I attached this new peaceful, joyous state to my desire to walk together with Brenda Lee and Lucy. I focused on my “wanting” Brenda Lee to return to me. And, it worked!

As soon as I would refocus my release, she would turn sharply and come running back to me. What a beautiful feeling, having been chosen for her company over the green and grassy pastures of home.

Once I was at home with myself, she could choose to be home with me – which was enough for Brenda Lee. (And Lucy too!)


Brian and Brenda Lee

Brian and Brenda Lee


Horses really do know the way home.
Feel the Connection,
Brian Reid


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