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Put the Cart Before the Horse


Go ahead, Put the Cart Before the Horse!!!

I remember reading a quote from Ray Hunt (A true horseman) written on an old barn wall in upstate New York owned by Spencer LaFlure, a horseman first class, horse dentist, and true friend. The quote went something like this:

“Know what happens before what happens and you will know what really happened”- Ray Hunt

I was brought back to this quote and the creation of the title of our movement to date, “Horses Know The Way Home – Feel the Connection” that was arrived at through much soul searching, time with Brenda Lee and in depth conversations with Jonathan Field, Mark Russell, and many others.

Home being, right here, right now!

Home being, the place where true creation takes place and a place that horses can take us to.

Home being, the space and time where we live or where living takes place.

But what if there we more to it than that. What if there was a place beyond time and space where all creation takes place?

The place where “What happens before what happens”, takes place.

Today as I was listening to track two of the 2014 Hay House World Summit, I heard Amit Goswami describe such a place as real. Even more real than reality, actually the place where realities are created.

Amit Goswami has a Ph.D. in theoretical quantum physics. He has authored the following books:

In other words, he has dedicated his life to the study of “Things” and where they come from.

 Amit Goswami, Ph.D. has proposed a theory of consciousness, rather than atoms, as the fundamental reality of the material world.

In this interview he defines consciousness as “Being With”

He suggests that it is in that place when we are with an idea before it has manifested and is the space where creation takes place.

Or the ultimate place where what happens before what happens happens.

In other words, creation needs our “Withness” in order to be complete.

Let me tell you one of the first times I felt this to the core of my being.

I was taking a riding lesson on Brenda Lee from a truly gifted artist of a teacher, she could paint a picture with her words that would allow my body to slip into the perfect position without my “Knowing”.  She had learned from a protege of Sally Swift.

One day as she described my body as an ocean buoy that moved up and down on the waves of the ocean and in this case Brenda Lee was the ocean. She went on to say that the center buckle that the chains of the buoy were attached to was 8” below Brenda Lee’s spine.

As I imagine myself as a buoy, flowing, allowing and connected to the Oceans forces, she went on to explain that the portal or port hole that all communication between myself and Brenda Lee would go through was the area between my pubic and coccyx bones. (Speak though my butt).

I liked this because it helped me to relax and keep that portal open and soft as opposed to tight and restricted.

And so I did…

As I rode with this I felt a complete sense of oneness experienced as a lack of resistence.

I could sense myself and then IT happened.

I could sense that Brenda Lee was sensing back.

It was at this moment that she quoted her mentor.

“When we look in to the abyss, we notice the abyss is looking back.”

I was with Brenda Lee’s consciousness and she with mine but there was something more.

She was connected to that which connects us all and she was introducing me to IT, (IT = Inner Truth) though my senses.

She was bringing me home to the place where IT happens before IT happens.

I fell to her neck and sobbed like a baby.

Call it love

Call it oneness

Call it infinite light

My need or desire to call it, or name it, stayed clear so as not to insult IT.


Brenda Lee brought me “Home”

She allowed me to “Feel The Connection”

She let me sense the wisdom of “Being With” , with every cell of my body and beyond, with my consciousness itself.

The rest is making sense of what first must be sensed.

And today leaders of science like Amit Goswami are discovering what Ray Hunt, Brenda Lee and nature, know of its own nature.

That we are all connected.

And when we connect with that we are where what happens, happens and we can truly begin to be Creative Beings and create the world we wish to live in.

So go ahead put the cart before the horse and sense the life you want before it seems real, before you believe or not.

Put your hopes, dreams and desires on your cart and witness the perfect horse show up to take it where you want to go.


Feel the connection,

Release your Inner Horse Power


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