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Self Growth through Self Talk

Self talk is the story we tell ourselves day in and day out.

It is the words we say, the words we think, our inner and outer dialogue, our tone, and lastly and most powerfully, our “Body Language”.

Our body language, as expressions of our state of being, is what horses use to “read” us.
Our body language is the form of communication that communicates our inner truth and our story most accurately to others AND to ourselves.

Our “Self-Talk” is the story we tell ourselves about the how the world is and how we fit in it.We tell our story over and over with our words and tonality and posture until we believe it. Then we see the world through this story as a fact to respond to when in fact the world is actually a reflection of our story rather than our story a reflection if it.

Think about it for minute. Let’s say you are an adult female born in the United States of America. You would have a certain story about how the world is that is totally different from a woman who was born in the Amazon or Afghanistan or the Arctic. Your views and the story of how life is, is not of your choosing. You did not choose to be a woman and you did not choose where you were born, but your story to-date is strongly influenced by both of these factors.

It is here where we can remind ourselves that our story may have gotten us this far, but it does not have to determine how far and in what direction we will go from here.

We all have stories that can bring out the worst in us and we all have stories that can bring out the best in us.

We can determine what these stories will be by choosing the most powerful Self-Talk possible to tell our stories: Our posture and our body language.

When we assume the posture and body language of the hero of the story of our choosing we will directly change our State and thus directly influence how the world will respond to us.

It is this ability to change our posture, to assume the body language that feels better, that will bring up our Personal Horsepower and enable us to move in the direction of our desires with the power and sure-footedness of a horse.

It is our chosen posture and body language, which the horse reads, that will determine the “R”.
It is your Response that the world will respond to.

Our State of Being and our Self-Talk make up our State and Story.

Start right where you are now.
If you could live any story you want, what story would you start telling?
What posture would the hero of your story have?
Go ahead; assume that posture now. Communicate back to your soul with your body language of how you want your story to be.














How do you want your Story “To Be”?

It is this story that feels better and better.
It is this story that will bring out the best in you and will engage all of your Personal HorsePower.
It is the state of this story, of your natural becoming, where you are in line with your highest and greatest gifts.
It is here that horses can truly connect with you. And it is in these states and stories that you connect fully with yourself.

What State and Story do you choose?
What State of Being and Self-Talk will you use to create the “You” the world will respond to?

How much HorsePower can pass through your veins?

Are you ready to find out?

Feel the Connection,
Brian Reid