Move towards what matters to you today.

Come experience for yourself the combination of personal development and self improvement principles through the way of the horse. Learn with Brian and Brenda Lee how to apply the thirteen HKTWH principles in your life to find joy, balance and happiness.

Brian’s partner, Brenda Lee, exemplifies how a relationship with another being can lead to a fundamentally better life. Through his connection with Brenda Lee, Brian can show us how to communicate through feel and intention rather than the language and logical side of our brain, which can cause blocks through worry, fear, pain, and stress. At the workshop, Brian will teach you how to read the signals Brenda Lee communicates to us when a connection is either made or broken. The signals you learn about through Brenda Lee will overlap with the interactions you have in your everyday life, helping you to become more perceptive and receptive to communication with your inner-self and the people around you.

Doors open for registration and introductions at 8:30am. Brenda Lee and Brian will start the workshop promptly at 9am. Bring a notebook and pen to take notes during the workshop or just sit back, relax and enjoy. Your level of participation is at your individual discretion; during the workshop Brian usually asks for a few volunteers to help him demonstrate the concepts described. We recommend wearing closed toe shoes and long pants for your safety and comfort. The weather in Rhode Island can change dramatically and we also suggest dressing in layers. If the weather allows, Brian will take the group for a walk in the woods with Brenda Lee after lunch. The trail has slight inclines and may be scattered with pine cones, if you decide the walk is not for you we will gladly have someone stay at the farm with you to chat. The workshop will end at 3pm after a “questions and answers” session.

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