Move towards what matters to you today.

Are you feeling stuck in things that hold you back from what you truly want in life?

Are you looking for a way to Let Go of these things so you can Move Toward what really matters to you?

Then come on, Let’s Go!

What is Horses Know The Way Home?

Horses Know The Way Home is a personal development program that has taken the natural laws which horses in the wild live by and translated these into 13 topics to inspire human beings to live the life they desire. To learn more about the 13 Series and how you can watch the videos, visit the Academy.

Our Mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of others by using the model of ‘The Horse’ to achieve freedom from limiting thoughts in order to make a true connection with oneself. Using a fun interactive setting, we bring clarity to existing personal development principles and natural laws.

Our unique use of ‘The Horse’ as a training model, effectively demonstrates how the shift from ‘knowledge into realization’ and from ‘understanding into actualization’ can happen much quicker than what is experienced through traditional personal development programs. It is our desire that everyone Gets IT, Feels IT, Experiences IT, Expresses IT, and ultimately Owns IT. IT is our Inner Truth.

Who is Brian Reid?

A man with a mission
At about the age of 5, without having the vocabulary yet to express it, Brian felt he was put here with a job, a mission to be accomplished. This intense calling was his light on the uncertain path during his young life, stimulating him to make important choices and seek out for the best to guide him on his own Way Home from where he could complete his mission.

Looking back at his life so far, no matter how discouraged he felt at times, every single step he took and every single obstacle he conquered all contributed to how he has developed into who he is today. Just as we all have our doubts, fears, weaknesses, habits or patterns that don’t seem to work for us, so did Brian, and he trained himself to recognize and change non-working patterns. The one thing that has helped to dramatically change his life and the way he lives it in such a positive way is Brenda Lee.

A man with a big black horse
While Brian was looking for a companion for his wife’s horse, about 14 years ago, he started to explore horse encyclopedia’s. He remembered his own horse he had at the age of 19, an Arabian, and remembered how scared he was to hurt that beautiful fragile horse under the weight of his tall posture while riding. So he focused on finding a horse larger than himself to care for, to jog and to play with while also being a companion to his wife’s horse.
During his search he found a beautiful one year old Shire mare at Northeast Shires: Little Miss Dynamite or more commonly known as, Brenda Lee.

Before he would decide to take her home, he wanted to be certain that she wanted him too. After spending several days with young Brenda Lee at Northeast Shires, it was clear that this was love at first sight. From the very beginning, Brian couldn’t get Brenda Lee out of his bubble. She had so much connectivity, she followed him all over the pasture and her degree of playfulness and interaction was contagious. Even today, Brian enjoys Brenda’s playful energy and over the years their natural connection has grown so strong, that people marvel at it.

Life Coach and Horseman
Following his bliss and his calling, Brian developed himself as a Life Coach. Both his own life experiences and the education and programs he studied make him a unique Coach. His insights to simplify the natural laws and principles and his infectious enthusiasm while coaching people inspired him to create the “Horses Know The Way Home Academy“.

Who is Brenda Lee?

What seemed to be a coincidence happened to be a co-insidence.

On a cold February day in 1998, Brian traveled to Northeast Shires to meet Brenda Lee for the very first time. She was one year old and as cute as could be and she stole Brian’s heart from the very first moment.

He knew that this was not about an ownership, but about creating a relationship with Brenda Lee for her lifetime together with him. Therefore, before committing himself to the responsibility of bringing her home, he took the time to spend 3 weekends  with young Brenda Lee at Northeast Shires over a 2 month period of time and it was clear: this was love at first sight. From the very beginning, Brian couldn’t get Brenda Lee out of his bubble. She had so much join up, she followed him all over the pasture and her degree of playfulness and interaction was contagious.

The role that Brenda Lee was about to play in Brian’s life from the first day they met, was the perfect answer to all that Brian’s life so far had inspired to be passionate about and was ready to be unfolded in the next years to come. Until today, Brian enjoys Brenda’s power and playful energy and over the years their natural heartfelt connection only grows stronger.

It’s all about Connection.

People who see the pictures and video’s of Brian and Brenda in the Academy series or on the different fan-pages, often ask what training she had. Their almost touchable connection amazes many people from all over the world. However if you ask Brian, he will gladly unfold his secret to this magical feeling they share:

“My training / education in horses has come in the form of books , DVDs and mostly clinics from Parelli, Mark Russel ( Lessons in Lightness) Jonathan Field, Ray Hunt, Monty Roberts, Leslie Desmond, Tom Curtin, . Through out most of this training I was mostly concerned with connection and most of the work was from the ground for a number of reasons. I had no interest in getting on Brenda till she was 5/6 so as to make sure her legs and back were strong and I enjoyed connecting with her on the ground. I wanted the connection to be playful and full of joy.”

The heartfelt connection is the drive behind everything Brian and Brenda do and share together. The expression of the connection, the expression of both of them as individual unique beings meeting each other at their “heart – level and communicating from there to maintain the connection between them. Brian’s goal and heartfelt desire with Brenda has always been to let her be in her purest and wildest form, free to express herself as she is in everything she does. Given this freedom, Brenda has developed herself as a wild marvelous thundering Shire, a willing partner in play and a unique mirror of how well Brian is connected with who is is every day again and again. And when he started to apply his unique way of playing with Brenda into his own daily life, he lifted himself to the same comparable results as he reached together with her.

When they explore new challenges together, those challenges are always chosen to expand their “Feeling the Connection” into new areas as free and as connected they can be together. And this takes the time that it needs: when with Brenda, Brian’s goal is having: “no agenda other than having NO agenda”.

Who are Lucy, Eddie and Red?

Eddie is the big yellow dog with the spotty tongue. You will usually find Eddie by Brian’s side or if Brenda Lee is on the move, Eddie will be right behind her.

Lucy is the little Yorkie who never stops! Lucy has been riding Brenda Lee since she was a puppy and will let you know when she wants up. In the videos you will usually find Lucy running rings around everyone and yapping non-stop.

Red is the big red dog. His nickname is Perimeter Red. He likes to skirt the perimeter and chase deer back to Brian and Brenda Lee in the woods. Red traveled all the way from Tennessee to join Brian and Brenda Lee in Rhode Island.

All the dogs help in the Horses Know The Way Home Academy series with their different personalities and traits. It’s not only horses that know the way home but dogs too!