Move towards what matters to you today.
Are Your Ready to Release Your Inner HorsePower?

Today is the day that we take Horses Know The Way Home and place it in a new context: the context that expands beyond the walls of your “Home” and teaches about how to Release Your Inner HorsePower and Make Your Move and transport your life TOWARD. Release Your Inner HorsePower Release: as in “Letting…

Three Step Relationship
Behind the Scenes

STEP 1 Make a Connection STEP 2 Make a Suggestion STEP 3 Take it One Step at a Time   Think about a situation or a relationship in your life and apply these 3 steps. What happens if you would not make a connection first? What happens if you don’t make a clear suggestion? Share…

Three Steps to Win the Race of Life.

Winning the Race of Life, Right Now! Ready, Set, Go!               Simple as 1-2-3… really! What if winning at life could be as simple as 1-2-3, Ready… Set… GO! Well, it can be and I’ve found that it is easier than I thought. Every time my life is going…

The Action of Appreciation

    Fish don’t know water is wet!   Sometimes the most valuable things in our lives are not “out there” or “someday”.   Most times they are right here and right now.   We need to witness our worths in order to move them into our reality so we can Act on them and…