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The Action of Appreciation


Newport Bridge, Rhode Island



Fish don’t know water is wet!


Sometimes the most valuable things in our lives are not “out there” or “someday”.


Most times they are right here and right now.


We need to witness our worths in order to move them into our reality so we can Act on them and release their Appreciation into our lives.


This movement from obscurely aware to full on contact appreciation is the HorsePower of life that releases the gifts right in front of our noses and delivers them into the full light of mattering.


Today was another example of life being as obvious as the nose on my face – the only problem being I rarely notice my nose unless I’m shaving or plucking nose hairs.



I have lived in beautiful Rhode Island for 56 years and have enjoyed my fair share of its natural wealth and beauty. My satisfaction though, has kept me from exploring other opportunities to sense what other gems of the senses are in my back yard.


Not today, Today I acted on my vocalized desire of “Someday” I would like to kayak in Ninigret pond.


At the bridge that crosses over the union of Green Pond and Ninigret pond in Charlestown RI there is a quaint and quite convenient Kayak rental facility that I’ve observed for the past 15 years,  always saying, “Someday it would be great to rent one of those Kayaks and explore the pond.”



Well today I ACTED on my vocalized desire and did exactly that.


At 10:30 AM, Katleen and I put on our life vests, mind you the average depth of the pond is only 4 to 6 ft and with todays low tide it was more like 4 to 6 inches in many places. I’m not usually one for the restriction of life vests and today it did not matter because the Act of Appreciation was flowing through everything I was doing.


We got the formal directions from the happy tanned attendant and off we went. We had rented the Kayaks for 2 hours and wanted to see all we could in that time or at least I have a memory of an old story that no longer serves me echoing that in the back of my mind.


What really took place after we went under the bridge was a slowing down of time and an amplifying of appreciation for natures beauty in the place I call home. (Which I’m discovering more and more or as I Act on my Appreciation.)



Kayaking Ninigret Pond towards East Beach


There is quote from Albert Einstein: ” Nothing happens till something moves”


We were moving and it was happening.


If you told me I was in the Everglades or even Hawaii, I would have said, “here is better, ” because here is home and here is now and here I am and here we are.


The temperature was 79 degrees, the water was clear, the fauna and flora of these two salt ponds were abundant in the form of fish, crustaceans, birds, AND happy smiling humans and their canine aquatic companions.



We kayaked through the channels to the breakwater where the pond emptied into the Atlantic Ocean. We grounded our kayak on a remote sandy shoal that today was abound with many types of water transportation devises carrying more of those happy humans who today also decided to act on their appreciation’s.



floating above wildlife, surrounded by wildlife.


After landing our craft of appreciation on the beach we ventured afoot to the Eastern most portion of East Beach.  Three miles of beach and 12 people as far as the eye could see.


Warm, clear aquamarine colored water, cool breeze, light waves and endless sun and only 12 appreciators on the beach while over 100 were only 200 yards away.


Kat went in for a swim,  her first on this side of the Atlantic pond this Summer. We drank in the beauty, knowing we will be back soon with Brenda Lee, Kylian, Eddie, Red Dog, and Lucy.


We looked forward, toward our next walk on the beach transformational workshop on Oct 26 and headed back to our trusted aquatic appreciation transportation device, our Kayak!


We made our way back to the rental facility already planning our time here with Kat’s parents who will be visiting from Belgium this September.


We both decided that we will need our own Kayaks for next summer as well as two paddle boards.


As we sat on the tailgate of the truck eating our salads, we noticed all the out of state license plates in the parking lot.


There were far more out of state plates than in state, only proving once again that we don’t always appreciate what is in our own back yard because fish don’t know water is wet.


It was only through  Acting with the HorsePower of Appreciation that the Action of this moving experience is now part of our experiential memory and its sensory awareness is now already seeking it’s Next


I hope you move beyond words of observation and ACT on your appreciations today, tomorrow, any day, but never someday.


Feel the Connection

Make your Move

Create that Change



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What’s the Gravity of Your Situation?

We all have dreams, desires, hopes and “somedays” that we would admit more of, if we could get past the gravity of our current situations. Many of us have successes in certain areas of our lives, where others often tell us, how good we are.

If only we could be that good, in that one particular area or areas, that we keep behind the curtains of our lives, covering the skeletons in our closets.

You know what I’m talking about! Those areas where we are stuck, trudging, slipping and getting sick and tired of being sick and tired. Those areas of our lives that hate time. The time it took to get there, and the time we have been hovering there with seemingly no movement, while time keeps marching on.

There is a way out and it is not the Law of Attraction (at least not the common understanding of it), nor is it focusing on the stars. The answer is right at your feet, quite literally as well as figuratively. The first step before and after you have found something that matters to you, is to clear away from the Gravity of your current reality.

east beach march 1 2014 093


And here is the secret of all secrets:

It is not the gravity of your current reality that is holding you back but the glue of your judgment that keeps you bound to situations, and circumstances that has you floating is a sea of complacency, conformity and comfortableness that prevents progression toward your “Matterings”.

Knowing and Appreciating the gravity of your current life situation is the first step to setting yourself free to move toward what matters to you:


  • The constant voice of your desires calling you toward.
  • The constant voice of your source of inspiration, yearning for expression.
  • The constant voice or your witness pushing for expansion.


These voices will not be quieted till you come Home, upon which time it will be replaced by a Next! Your movement toward is all that matters and the gravity of your story is the beginning. But first we must break free of the glue that binds us to our gravity so we can harness its energies.

When scientists were tasked with the mission of getting to the moon they were tasked with the challenge of studying, harnessing, overcoming and aligning with the forces of gravity,

the gravity of earth as well as the moon.  They needed to escape from and use the power of gravity, to power their mission.

dogs plqying-hktwh

The gift that scientists had that can lighten your load is they did not judge the force of gravity.

Gravity to them, of earth and well as the moon and in space, was simply a force of nature to be understood, harnessed and aligned with to help them achieve an outcome that mattered.

They did not see gravity as good or bad, they did not think “It should not be” or “ How could you”, they did not wish for better gravity.

They simply worked with the nature of gravity, appreciating every little detail of it in context of how it could be used to help them move a spaceship toward the moon and back.

Did I mention they appreciated the force that they had to overcome?


Imagine,  aligning with your nature to utilize the natural forces of the universe to move you toward what matters,

And all you would have to do is appreciate all the forces that are holding you back so you can harness them to your benefit.


But what if you hated gravity, judged its very existence and your collaboration with it?

Then your judgement would prevent you from accessing the gifts that are your natural birthright.

east beach march 1 2014 042

The gifts of NOW and NEXT.


The accepted, appreciated truth of now!

The hopeful, trusting faith in next!


IT* all begins with you


At first there will need to be forgiveness,

Mixed with much acceptance,

Powered by awareness,

Inspired by appreciation,

All for-giving you the freedom to embrace your true nature and move with nature itself toward what moves you.


This is what makes all humans equal,

Our access to our source of inspiration,

Our access to nature itself,

Our judgement disconnects us from it,

Our acceptance harnesses its power,

Our appreciation unleashes its force toward whatever our feeling infused focus is directed at.


Be that the moon, a manicure, our matterings and desired manifestations or something better. If only we would learn to love and appreciate everything that has come before this moment.


Feel the Connection




In my next Blog I’ll go deeper into this topic with a video from the forest of Brenda Lee and Kylian living this very truth for you to see and feel.

Once you have felt it then you can get back there.


This is how Lucy conquers gravity …

Lucy conquering Gravity

*IT = Inner Truth


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