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How to Change Your State at Will

We all have those days that nothing seems to go right. We wonder what’s wrong with us, why this is all happening and before we know it, things are weighing us down. We feel overwhelmed, we feel discouraged, we feel like a failure. And sometimes, we are so caught up in our own vicious cycle that we have to see the reality of it through the eyes of others. If we see it …
I’ve been there, many times and for long periods of time as well.
Even in my first years as a succesful entrepreneur, it took time to come to the conclusions that keep me in the flow these days.
Now I want to share with you what I learned – through trial and error, failure and success – until I could create the current and consistent habit that easily moves me away from the state I don’t like to be in and towards the one that I do like. And sometimes the state I’d like to be in is too far away from the one I’m trying to leave, so I choose a state that simply … feels better.
Before I share with you how I do this, let me first remind you of the key element that will set you up for a successful state change:

Become aware of the state you are in, right now.


Try it now, with me. Take a deep breath and scan your body for tension, relaxation, discomfort, comfort, recurring thoughts, how you are breathing, … Sense it and describe it as best you can.

Click here to download my 6 P’s to move you toward your desired State of Being.


I use these 6 P’s daily! Really! AND I use them to anticipate, to empower me and to help engage my Inner HorsePower. The place where I do this most is in the gym: right before a set that will challenge me to go beyond what I know. I fully feel for the first 5 P’s and release all I have with a loud “POP”! And it is mind-blowing time after time to catch myself in the act of doing my next set and feel my full potential flow.

Yes! Thank You! Next?

Now it’s up to you. Go for it. Download the 6 P’s cheat sheet and start practicing.

I’m curious to read about how this works for you, when and where you apply the 6P’s and how it impacts your daily life.

Share it in the comments below!

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