Move towards what matters to you today.

The Action of Appreciation


Newport Bridge, Rhode Island



Fish don’t know water is wet!


Sometimes the most valuable things in our lives are not “out there” or “someday”.


Most times they are right here and right now.


We need to witness our worths in order to move them into our reality so we can Act on them and release their Appreciation into our lives.


This movement from obscurely aware to full on contact appreciation is the HorsePower of life that releases the gifts right in front of our noses and delivers them into the full light of mattering.


Today was another example of life being as obvious as the nose on my face – the only problem being I rarely notice my nose unless I’m shaving or plucking nose hairs.



I have lived in beautiful Rhode Island for 56 years and have enjoyed my fair share of its natural wealth and beauty. My satisfaction though, has kept me from exploring other opportunities to sense what other gems of the senses are in my back yard.


Not today, Today I acted on my vocalized desire of “Someday” I would like to kayak in Ninigret pond.


At the bridge that crosses over the union of Green Pond and Ninigret pond in Charlestown RI there is a quaint and quite convenient Kayak rental facility that I’ve observed for the past 15 years,  always saying, “Someday it would be great to rent one of those Kayaks and explore the pond.”



Well today I ACTED on my vocalized desire and did exactly that.


At 10:30 AM, Katleen and I put on our life vests, mind you the average depth of the pond is only 4 to 6 ft and with todays low tide it was more like 4 to 6 inches in many places. I’m not usually one for the restriction of life vests and today it did not matter because the Act of Appreciation was flowing through everything I was doing.


We got the formal directions from the happy tanned attendant and off we went. We had rented the Kayaks for 2 hours and wanted to see all we could in that time or at least I have a memory of an old story that no longer serves me echoing that in the back of my mind.


What really took place after we went under the bridge was a slowing down of time and an amplifying of appreciation for natures beauty in the place I call home. (Which I’m discovering more and more or as I Act on my Appreciation.)



Kayaking Ninigret Pond towards East Beach


There is quote from Albert Einstein: ” Nothing happens till something moves”


We were moving and it was happening.


If you told me I was in the Everglades or even Hawaii, I would have said, “here is better, ” because here is home and here is now and here I am and here we are.


The temperature was 79 degrees, the water was clear, the fauna and flora of these two salt ponds were abundant in the form of fish, crustaceans, birds, AND happy smiling humans and their canine aquatic companions.



We kayaked through the channels to the breakwater where the pond emptied into the Atlantic Ocean. We grounded our kayak on a remote sandy shoal that today was abound with many types of water transportation devises carrying more of those happy humans who today also decided to act on their appreciation’s.



floating above wildlife, surrounded by wildlife.


After landing our craft of appreciation on the beach we ventured afoot to the Eastern most portion of East Beach.  Three miles of beach and 12 people as far as the eye could see.


Warm, clear aquamarine colored water, cool breeze, light waves and endless sun and only 12 appreciators on the beach while over 100 were only 200 yards away.


Kat went in for a swim,  her first on this side of the Atlantic pond this Summer. We drank in the beauty, knowing we will be back soon with Brenda Lee, Kylian, Eddie, Red Dog, and Lucy.


We looked forward, toward our next walk on the beach transformational workshop on Oct 26 and headed back to our trusted aquatic appreciation transportation device, our Kayak!


We made our way back to the rental facility already planning our time here with Kat’s parents who will be visiting from Belgium this September.


We both decided that we will need our own Kayaks for next summer as well as two paddle boards.


As we sat on the tailgate of the truck eating our salads, we noticed all the out of state license plates in the parking lot.


There were far more out of state plates than in state, only proving once again that we don’t always appreciate what is in our own back yard because fish don’t know water is wet.


It was only through  Acting with the HorsePower of Appreciation that the Action of this moving experience is now part of our experiential memory and its sensory awareness is now already seeking it’s Next


I hope you move beyond words of observation and ACT on your appreciations today, tomorrow, any day, but never someday.


Feel the Connection

Make your Move

Create that Change



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Self Growth through Self Talk

Self talk is the story we tell ourselves day in and day out.

It is the words we say, the words we think, our inner and outer dialogue, our tone, and lastly and most powerfully, our “Body Language”.

Our body language, as expressions of our state of being, is what horses use to “read” us.
Our body language is the form of communication that communicates our inner truth and our story most accurately to others AND to ourselves.

Our “Self-Talk” is the story we tell ourselves about the how the world is and how we fit in it.We tell our story over and over with our words and tonality and posture until we believe it. Then we see the world through this story as a fact to respond to when in fact the world is actually a reflection of our story rather than our story a reflection if it.

Think about it for minute. Let’s say you are an adult female born in the United States of America. You would have a certain story about how the world is that is totally different from a woman who was born in the Amazon or Afghanistan or the Arctic. Your views and the story of how life is, is not of your choosing. You did not choose to be a woman and you did not choose where you were born, but your story to-date is strongly influenced by both of these factors.

It is here where we can remind ourselves that our story may have gotten us this far, but it does not have to determine how far and in what direction we will go from here.

We all have stories that can bring out the worst in us and we all have stories that can bring out the best in us.

We can determine what these stories will be by choosing the most powerful Self-Talk possible to tell our stories: Our posture and our body language.

When we assume the posture and body language of the hero of the story of our choosing we will directly change our State and thus directly influence how the world will respond to us.

It is this ability to change our posture, to assume the body language that feels better, that will bring up our Personal Horsepower and enable us to move in the direction of our desires with the power and sure-footedness of a horse.

It is our chosen posture and body language, which the horse reads, that will determine the “R”.
It is your Response that the world will respond to.

Our State of Being and our Self-Talk make up our State and Story.

Start right where you are now.
If you could live any story you want, what story would you start telling?
What posture would the hero of your story have?
Go ahead; assume that posture now. Communicate back to your soul with your body language of how you want your story to be.














How do you want your Story “To Be”?

It is this story that feels better and better.
It is this story that will bring out the best in you and will engage all of your Personal HorsePower.
It is the state of this story, of your natural becoming, where you are in line with your highest and greatest gifts.
It is here that horses can truly connect with you. And it is in these states and stories that you connect fully with yourself.

What State and Story do you choose?
What State of Being and Self-Talk will you use to create the “You” the world will respond to?

How much HorsePower can pass through your veins?

Are you ready to find out?

Feel the Connection,
Brian Reid



Power of Intention

Everything in your life is 100% up to you.
It is not the event or the circumstance in your life that determines how your life is, but rather your response to the event or circumstance, that determines how the world responds to you.

You are not the victim of your life’s events – you are the creator!
The world is responding to you.
How you think, feel and physically present yourself holds much power over the circumstances of your world.

In his book “The Success Principles” Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for The Soul series, offers this formula for success in life: E + R = O

The Events in your life plus your Response equals the Outcome.

If E = 2 and R = 5, then the Outcome = 7. (Or, 2+5=7) If you don’t like the result of 7, then the easiest way to change the Outcome is to change R (Your Response).

The power is in the Response. You have the power to change anything and everything in your life, simply by changing your response. Just by changing your response, you can alter the world’s Outcome accordingly.

Your “State” and your “Story”.

State and story – story and state. It becomes a “Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?” scenario, where one influences the other, and vice versa.

State of Being…














Let’s start with your “State”. Being human, you have the ability to “Be” (or become) any state you set your focus on.

You can become angry, sad, clear, confused, lost, found, present, absent, happy, joyous, etc… You can feel across the entire spectrum of human emotions, focusing toward any imaginable and desirable state.

My Fifth Grade English teacher at St. Benedicts Middle School wrote the following word on the chalkboard:



She wrote it out this way so we would remember it. This one word is all of the tenses of the verb “To Be”:
To Be, I Am, She Is, They Are, He Was, They Were, She Is Being, He has Been.

It’s powerful and simple: we are human beings. We can determine our state of being by simply deciding “To Be”.

“To be, or not to be: that is the question….” – William Shakespeare

Your possible responses to the world are infinite. If you restrict yourself to only reusing the same response that has shaped your life thus far, you will live a life of “Repeat…Repeat…Repeat…” rather than “Create…Respond…Create.”

The problem with states is that they are very sticky. Once they have a hold of you it can be quite challenging to remove them, and the more you try – the more they stick.

The trick is not to fight them and to focus on the states you would rather have in the forefront of your life.
The trick is to choose a state that would support your chosen story.
The trick is to tell a better feeling story, which I will get to in a minute – but first let me give you a secret to loosening the “State’s” grip over you.

Whenever you find yourself in states of being that don’t feel good and are not working for you or anyone around you, try this: put your right index finger to the right corner of your mouth and say:


By doing so you will be tapping into your “Personal HorsePower”.














By saying or thinking,“Hmmmm…Interesting!” you automatically put yourself into a state of non-judgmental curiosity. Curiosity is the perfect “State” from which to temporarily remove yourself from the stickiness of the unsavory state that bound you. From here, you can take a step back and re-access the situation without allowing “the heat of the moment” to affect what you are reflexively about to do or say.

It is your judgement of yourself along with your connection to your “old story” that is keeping you stuck. Non-judgemental curiosity allows you to pause, breathe and move forward.

Horses (and you in your “Personal Horsepower” state) don’t judge things as good or bad, as most things in life are never a moral issue. For horses, everything is simply information to react to. Horses can’t buy into the drama of your life’s story. They have zero interest in judging you from a moral standpoint. But horses do easily place themselves into a state of non-judgemental curiosity. And through their curiosity, they are always free “To Be”.

Try this exercise: Think of a reoccurring situation where you typically feel “trapped” or “stuck”. Tap into your Personal Horsepower by saying, “Hmmmm…Interesting!” and notice the immediate freedom you’ve gained by simply breaking your typical response pattern. This offers you a different Power of Perspective, providing yourself the opportunity to create a better feeling story – a story free of judgement.

Horses have survived millions of years by being able to read the states of intention given off in the energy and body language of their predators. In order to do this successfully, they need to be free to respond appropriately to every situation as it presents itself to them. To horses, freedom and a non-judgemental awareness is a life or death issue.

This is their gift to us.

What state are you in now?
What state do you want to be in?
What’s your story?
What story do you want to be your story?















Our State of Being and Our Self-Talk make up our State and Story.

How do you want your Story “To Be”?

It is this story that feels better and better. It is this story that will bring out the best in you and will engage all of your personal horsepower.
It is the state of this story, of your natural becoming, where you are in line with your highest and greatest gifts. It is here that horses can truly connect with you. And it is in these states and stories that you connect fully with yourself.

What State and Story do you choose?
What State of Being and Self-Talk will you use to create the “You” the world will respond to?

Feel The Connection,
Brian Reid


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